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A Road Accident in Sher Qilla Ghizer claim 10 lives

Gilgit, December 21(OurCorrespondent ):Ten people including five children and two women lost their lives in a road accident near Sher Qilla, Ghizer. The accident took place when a vehicle was going to Gahkuch from Gulapur and the car plugged into the Ghizer River near Sher Qilla.

Rescue team of FOCUS and community volunteers reach at the spot and shift the Causalities to hospital. DC Ghizar supervises all the rescue activities there.

Nine of the causalities belong to one family, only Haji Muhammad survive in the tragic accident.

five dead bodies have yet recovered from the Ghizar River. Mean while the rescue team are searching for the other five dead bodies.

According to the initial report received that the accident happened due to over load of passengers.