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Sost Today blog upgraded

Image: New Blog of Sost Today

Image: New Blog of Sost Today

Here is a good news for the readers of Sost Today on the occasion of New Year, Sost Today blog has been upgraded.

The upgraded version of Sost Today’s blog will be officially launched on January 1, 20014.

Henceforth you can access Sost Today on https://sosttoday.com

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Happy New Year 🙂


Illegal movement on Pak China Border

By: Waheed Murad

Afiyatabad/Sost Gojal, December 03 (Sost Today):  NATCO bus (Q 18627) carrying 6 passengers stopped by the Chinese security officers at Khunjerav while entering China. Only Two influence passengers were allowed to go for Kashgar. The  Remaining 4 passengers  were send back to Sost.

 Remember the border has been closed for all types of traffic from November 30.

According to immigration official that border was closed for trade and is open for visitors till December 2.

Whereas the Chinese security official said that the two passengers had special permission from Home Department.

Chief secretary Gilgit Baltisan Younis Dagha 2 day visit to KNP and KVO conservation area

Rahimullah Baig

 Chief secretary Gilgit Baltisan Younis Dagha with Rehman Posh Chairman KVO

Chief secretary Gilgit Baltisan Younis Dagha with Rehman Posh Chairman KVO

Sost, Gojal : Chief secretary Gilgit Baltisan Younis Dagha visit Khunjerav National Park and Khunjerav Villager Organization conservation area. During his two day stay he visit Khunjerav national park and visit different conservational area under the control of KVO and witnessed Ibex, Blue sheep, Marco Polo Sheep and other wild animals and birds there.  Mr.  Dagha was briefed by the KVO official about the wildlife conservation activates.  He also spent some time in a Wildlife site at Sost, where some wild Fauna and Floras are preserved.

Destination Pakistan Cycle tour started

By: Asghar Ali Rumi & G.M Khan Mir

Hunza: Khawar Hassan and Javaid, the residents of Lahore have started a cycling tour “Destination Pakistan cycle tour” yesterday from Khunjerav Pass. The cyclists will travel through Karakorum Highway, GT road and Indus civilization to Karachi. It is expected that the campaign will complete in thirty-day.

The cyclist has reached Hunza this evening and will leave for Gilgit tomorrow morning.

The prime motto of this campaign is to explore the natural beauty of Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan particularly.  The cyclist said that this is the piece of contribution to promote tourism and to convey the message of peace to the international communities.

Pakistan to get multiple benefits from China’s optic fiber project

BEIJING, Aug 2 (APP): Pakistan will be greatly benefited in terms of security and revenue from the state of the art optic fiber project between Pakistan and China for which a prominent Chinese telecom firm “Huawei” has been assigned the task. The agreement to lay optic fiber between the two sides was signed during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif official visit to China early July. A source at Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider told APP that based on the requirement and plan in contract, it prepares a plan to implement it section wise.

The optic fiber will be laid between Rawalpindi to Khunjarab, a distance of 820 KM, the source said. Continue reading