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The annual Pakistani Trekkers meet up held in Islamabad

Islamabad: Groups Photo of the participants of annual Trekkers meet up

Islamabad: Groups Photo of the participants of annual Trekkers meet Up. Photo Credit: Asghar Rumi

Islamabad, December 10 (Sost Today): Around 50 trekkers, adventurers and climbers from all over Pakistan attended the annual meet up organized by Trekking Pakistan here in Islamabad on Sunday. Trekking Pakistan is non-commercial organization which provide online platform to share experience and coordination for the Pakistani trekkers, climbers and adventurers.

In the meet up the participants shared their experiences, adventure stories, thoughts and ideas at the meet up event.

Asghar Rumi, from Gilgit Baltistan also feed the kitty the annual get together.


PM Nawaz Sharif paid first visit to Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit, December 6(online) : The Prime Minister of  Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Friday paid first visit to GB and  announced establishment of various development schemes for Gilgit Baltistan.

The Prime Minister who arrived here on his first visit to the Gilgit Baltistan was warmly received at the airport by Governor GB Pir Karam Ali Shah, Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah, members of the GB Council and senior officials. Kids dressed with tradational costume presented flower to PM.

PM Nawaz Sharif visit to the Gilgit Baltistan having prominent importance on the map as the areas combinedly bordering with Azad Kashmir, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, Afghanistan via Wakhan Corridor and Xinjiang autonomous region of China.


During his visit, the Pakistani premier announces various development projects in the region in accordance to its importance; vowing making it amongst the developed areas of the country while addressing to the party workers.

Medical facilities:

PM Sharif announced establishment of a cardiac center for facilitating local heart patients in their areas despite travelling towards Islamabad or KPK.

Security development: Establishment of a special force comprising of police officials has been announced today in order to maintain law and order situations even in the suburb areas of the region while modern weapons and equipments would also be provided to the force.

Airline Services: Gilgit-Baltistan is likely to be linked with airlines as the PM announced for commencement of reformation in flight operations of the national organisation, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), in Skardu and Gilgit.

Newly constructed terminal of Gilgit Airport was also inaugurated by the PM after availing his visit to the area while the airport’s authorities got orders for its essential maintenance as well as facilities’ increment in passengers’ lounge.PM-3

The Prime Minister was informed that new terminal has covered areas of over 39,000 square feet having a capacity of 180 passengers.

Transportation developments: PM Nawaz Sharif highlighted the significance of developing economic trade corridor from Kashgar to Gwadar for the Gilgit Batistan.

Gilgit Baltistan would make large-scale enhancement in the exports and trade as well as employments after complete of the project comprising of motorway type road and railway line.

Atta Abad Lake’s location had been observed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif via aerial visit where the ongoing Economic Corridor project would pass through.

Energy development projects: Development work for generating over 15,000 megawatt of electricity will be commenced on Diamer Basha, Dasu and Bunji dams to fulfill the energy needs of locals.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif laid foundation stone of ‘Naltar-5’ hydro power project in Gilgit district having capability to provide electricity up to 14.4 mw by estimated completion cost of Rs.3.84 billion while it will be completed in 2016.


Educational project: The federal government’s administered upcoming ‘Youth Business Loan Scheme’ would also facilities skilled and educated youths of the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan by obtaining loan of 1 to 2 million rupees.

Gilgit-Batistan Council: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired the high-level meeting of Gilgit-Baltistan Council in the Gilgit district where Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs Barjees Tahir presented the particulars related to the budget.

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Helmet declared compulsory for motorcyclists in Gilgit Baltistan

By: Hussain Ali

imagesGilgit, December 03 (Sost Today): Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan Younis Dagha released a notification for Deputy Commissioners of Gilgit Baltistan, in which all the Deputy Commissioner has ordered to implement the order immediately in all districts of Gilgit Baltistan.

According to the notification released by the Younis Dagha that wearing helmet has declared compulsory for all motorcyclists in all districts of Gigit Baltistan, especially for the motorcyclist riding on the highways of GB.

Strong action shall be taken against those who violated.

In last few months an alarming increase has been seen in motor cycle accidents in GB.

Engineer Hussain Ali became president of Custom Clearing Agency Gilgit baltistan

By Farman Ali Tajik & Ayub Waziri

Hussain Ali President Custom Clearing Agency GB

Hussain Ali President Custom Clearing Agency GB

Sost Gojal, November 29 (Sost Today): The election for the president ship of Customs Clearing Agency Gilgit-Baltistan CCAGB here today at the conference hall of Pak China Sost Dry Port, Sost.

A standing committee was setup to conduct this election. Two contestants Zulfiqar Ali of Falcon Trading CO. and Hussain Ali of Salar International Clearing Agency contest the election.  Zulfiqar Ali withdraw form the contest and Hussain Ali was elected as the president of  Customs Clearing Agency Gilgit-Baltistan without contest.

Johar Ali Raki, President Chamber of commerce Gilgit-Baltistan took oath of the newly elected presiden of CCAGB.  He will serve Customs Clearing Agency Gilgit-Baltistan for two years.

Currently eighteen custom clearing agencies are working in Sost.

Raki congratulate the elected president of CCAGB and assured him support from Chamber of Commerce GB for the batterment of trade.

Hussain Ali will form a new team within two days.

Coal price rise up to 1500 PKR per bag at Sost Bazar

1473947_10202096281435872_1009628692_nSost, Gojal (Sost Today): As the temperature dropped down across the Gojal and Hunza vally, the price of coal rose. According or correspondent the price of coal at Sost bazaar rose to 1500PKR per bag, which is 25 % higher than last year’s price. Coal is being used as domestic fuel for heating in winter.

Our correspondent said the many factors affect the price of coal here at Sost Bazar.  The increase in value of Yen (Chinese currency), additional custom duty on coal and increase in transportation fare from Kashkhar to Sost.

Streamlining: G-B government departments reshuffled

GILGIT: The government of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) has made changes in various departments in a bid to streamline its affairs. A summary in this regard has been approved by the chief minister (CM), confirmed a government spokesperson on Monday.

The department of services, for instance, has been separated from general administration. Saad Sikandar will now look after both departments as secretary. Similarly, the departments of prison and information have also been made separate entities. Adviser to CM on Tourism Sadia Danish has been assigned additional responsibilities as minister for information –.

ImageMeanwhile, the regional government has pledged to ensure the remaining days of Muharram pass peacefully. CM Mehdi Shah went around the city on Monday to assess arrangements in place under the security plan for Muharram. During his trip, he met members of the Masajid Board and was briefed about what has been done to defuse tension between sects.

“Masajid Board members briefed the chief minister about the continued efforts made to forge unity,” said Muta Wali, one of the board’s members. The members also met prayer leaders at mosques to urge them to maintain a peaceful environment during the month, he added.

G-B Force Commander Major General Hafiz Masroor also visited the office of the Masajid Board last week to laud the members for their role.

Source the Express Tribune

Gilgit-Baltistan youth Congress Women Team represents of Gilgit Baltisan at national level games

By Aafaq Balawar

Islamabad: Gilgit-Baltistan Youth Congress (GBYC’s) Women Team Represents of Gilgit-Baltistan on 9th National Championship in Capital of Pakistan in the first time in the history of Gilgit-Baltistan. Woman Team Played against Pakistan Army Young Rising Star and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) .



Gilgit Baltistan football association encouraged GBYC’s women’s team and promised to provide full assistance in future.

CSSWA arrange Chitral Gilgit premier league (CGPL) cricket tournament 2013 in Karachi.

Karachi:  Chitral Student & Social welfare Association (CSSWA) is a non-political, non-profitable and non-religious Association.The Association advocates and supports the provision of efficient and excellent educational services and aspires to provide all communities in Chitral with equitable access to education. The Association represents the interests of and seeks to promote the welfare and development of education.


CSSWA is going towards organize CHITRAL GILGIT Premier League (CGPL) cricket tournament 2013 at S.M.S ground Karimabad,Karachi for the lovers of cricket that be scheduled to be held from 17th of November 2013.

For further details and registration your team, please contact to CSSWA’s joint sports secretaries, Mr. Alhajuddin & Mr. Faisal Ahmed Cell Number 0336-2296772 & 0332-9816946.

3 days of constitutive Strike at Pak China Sost Dry Port finally ended

By :Farhat Ullah Baig

Sost, Gojal: Giligit-Baltistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GBCCI), Gilgit-Baltistan Importer and Exporter Association (GBIEA) and Custom Clearance Agency Associations strike come to an end today here at Pak China Sost Dry Port. They were on strike from last three days.

According to Importers and Exporters, Pakistan Customs as agreed to reduce the taxes rate  of up to 30 Percent on the Imported Items/Goods. The Pakistan Customs authorities have urged that the importers  to maintain the same Tax Rate till the end of closure of Sino-Pak Boarder.

Chairman Pak-China Sost Dry Port Co. visit Sost

By: Farman Ali Tajik

Recption to chairman PakChina Sost Port at Sost 2013 (10)Sost, Gojal:  Mr.Yuan Xia Mian chairman Pak-China Sost Dry Port Co. and directors of Sino Trans visit Sost today. the vice chairman Pak China Sost Dry Port Co. Ali Afsar received them at Khunjerav border; afterward the employs of PCSDPC offered a warm reception to the Chinese guests at Sost Dry port.

The delegation meet Pakistan Customs Authorities and discussed the cross border trade issues and focus on the strategies for the trade with the 5 central Asian countries. Yuan Xia Mian said “the duration of Pak China will be prolonged for 12 months after the reconnection of KKH at Attaabad.

On 14 of October the delegation will meet Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan, Sayed Mehdi Shah Chinese ambassador and the administration of GB in Hunza.

The delegation had scheduled a meeting with the board of directors and trustees of Pak China Sost Dry Port Co on 15 of October.

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