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Streamlining: G-B government departments reshuffled

GILGIT: The government of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) has made changes in various departments in a bid to streamline its affairs. A summary in this regard has been approved by the chief minister (CM), confirmed a government spokesperson on Monday.

The department of services, for instance, has been separated from general administration. Saad Sikandar will now look after both departments as secretary. Similarly, the departments of prison and information have also been made separate entities. Adviser to CM on Tourism Sadia Danish has been assigned additional responsibilities as minister for information –.

ImageMeanwhile, the regional government has pledged to ensure the remaining days of Muharram pass peacefully. CM Mehdi Shah went around the city on Monday to assess arrangements in place under the security plan for Muharram. During his trip, he met members of the Masajid Board and was briefed about what has been done to defuse tension between sects.

“Masajid Board members briefed the chief minister about the continued efforts made to forge unity,” said Muta Wali, one of the board’s members. The members also met prayer leaders at mosques to urge them to maintain a peaceful environment during the month, he added.

G-B Force Commander Major General Hafiz Masroor also visited the office of the Masajid Board last week to laud the members for their role.

Source the Express Tribune


Cabinet of Silk Route Dry Port Trust elected today

By Farman Ali

Sost Gojal: Today the election for the cabinet of Silk Route Dry Port Trust SRDPT  held at Sost Dry port in a peaceful environment .

Zaffar Iqbal, the former Managing Director of NATCO has won the contest of chairmanship, Abdul Rauf was elected as Vice Chairman of SRDPT and 11 directors were elected through poll and 2 female members Laila Rehman and Mrs. Ajayeeb has selected in the cabinet. Directors won the contest are Iqbal Karim, Didar Ahmed, Ghulam Hassan, Attaullah, Ehsan Karim, Dad-e-Khuda, Muhammad Zaman, Dushkh Baig, Saeed Jan, Ikramullah Baig and Karimullah Baig.

 281 share holders cast their vote to elect the cabinet and voters turn out was 82 %.  Each voter cast vote for a cabinet, which includes chairman, vice chairman and 11 directors. One vote of chairman, 3 of vice chairman and 40 votes of directors were rejected.  Amanullah and Ali Afsar withdraw from the contest one day before the polling.

The 15 member cabinet of Silk Route Dry Port Trust will take oath tomorrow morning. the election commissioner of this election Rai Ghulam Muhammad will administrate the oath to the newly  elected cabinet.

The cabinet will take charge from the previous body in the meeting of the board of directors of joint venture (Pak China Sost Dry Port Company).

The elected chairman of Silk Route Dry Port Trust SRDPT, Zaffar Iqbal will be appointed  as Vice chairman of Joint venture (Pak China Sost Dry Port Company) and two directors will also be included in the Joint venture’s board of directors.

Pak China Sost Dry Port Company is a joint venture between Silk Route Dry Port Trust and Sino Trans (An enterprise of China).

As per the deed of joint venture, Chairman will be from China and V-chairman from Pakistan. The chairman of SRDPT (Zaffar Iqbal) will be the vice-chairman of Pak China Sost Dry Port Company.

The Details of the Poll are as follow

Chairmanship                                            Votes  

  1. Zaffar Iqbal                                         155
  2. Darvesh Ali                                         119
  3. Raza Muhammad                                06

Vice Chairmanship

  1. Abul Rauf                                           188
  2. Gul Sher Khan                                     90


  1. Muhammad Zaman                         148
  2. Shafiullah Baig                                   107
  3. Dushka Baig                                       136
  4. Didar Ahmed                                      195
  5. Sultan Ali                                             92
  6. Ismail Uddin                                       124
  7. Ghulam Hasssan                                191
  8. Attaullah                                              173
  9. Dad-e-Khuda                                      150
  10. Ehsan Karim                                       173
  11. Iqbal Karim                                         213
  12. Karimullah                                          131
  13. Ghulam Karim                                    123
  14. Kraimullah Baig                                  130
  15. Hoor Shah                                            117
  16. Siraj Uddin                                          121
  17. Sanaullah                                              79
  18. Ulfatullah                                             117
  19. Saeed Jan                                            135