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Xinjiang TV team arrives Pakistan to make documentary on ‘New Journey on the Silk Road’


Islamabad, Dec 21: A fourteen member delegation of Xinjiang Television is visiting Pakistan for making a documentary on “New Journey on the Silk Road”, with special emphasis on “China-Pakistan Friendship” and “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

The corridor is a historic project which would trace the prints of old “Silk Route” and will connect China with Pakistan and onwards with Central Asia and East Europe. It would not only benefit and bring prosperity to both countries but also generate economic activity, peace and stability to the people of the whole region.

Pakistan China premiers agreed in May 2014 to build an economic corridor starting from China’s Kashgar City-an old Silk Road City- to Pakistan’s South western strategic sea port Gwadar to connect South=Central Asian the region and boost regional trade , communication, transportation.



Majalis Aza held at Imamia Complex Sost

By: Ayub Waziri

November 15 Updated (Sost, Gojal): Majalis Aza held at Imamia Complex Sost  in the memory of the holy martyrdom of Hazrat Imam  Hussain (S.A) and his family in the burning sand of Karbala. The majalis continued for 10 days during the month of Muharam.  People from Sunni and Ismaili sect also attended the Majalis and distribute edibles among the mourners.

Moulana Sheikh Mushtaq Ansari addressed on the occasion and said “The month of Muharam gives the message of Harmony, dedication and commitment to faith. We should never forget the sacrifices of the holy family and follow them. He further added:

Moulana Sheikh emphasized on social harmony, peace and unity among all sects of Islam.

In the end Ansari thanked the Isimaili Regional Council, Hunza for moral and ethical cooperation to make this event successful.  He also expressed thanks to law and enforcement agencies for providing security on the eve.

Apology for late update due to unavailability of internet access here in Sost.