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Pak China border closed for all kind of traffic for four months

pak0041Sost Gojal, November 30(Sost Today): The Pakistan – China will be closed for all types of traffic from November 30 to March 30, 2014. The route will remain close due to heavy snow fall at Khunjerav Pass during the winters.

Usually the Pak-China border closes on December 31 and reopens on May 01. This year the border has closed one months earlier.

The last cap of consignments reach Sost today. Whereas the Pak-China Sost Dry Port will remain open till December 4, 2013.

According to a source that the volume of trade between Pakistan and China was comeratively higer than the past three years. Which was low after the blockage of KKH at Attabad, Hunza.

Chinese containers standing at Pak China Sost Dry Port, waiting for custom clearance. Image: Farhat

Chinese container standing at Pak China Sost Dry Port, waiting for custom clearance. Image: Farman Ali Tajik



Anniversary of Prince Karim Aga Khan’s first Visit to Sost, Gojal celebrated


November 19 Hussainabad, Sost(our correspondent):His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim visit Gojal valley for the first time in 1987.  On 18th of November 1987 Prince Karim Aga Khan IV had his appearance (Deedar) to Ismaili community at Passu village. Since then, this day is being celebrated in Gojal vally with religious enthusiasm.

During his visit to Gojal Prince Karim Aga Khan visit projects of Aga Khan Rural Support Program AKRSP initiated in Gojal. Hussainabad,Sost water Tunnel is one of those project, Where Prince Karim Aga Khan made visit on November 19.

Today the local community gathered at Hussainabad, Sost to celebrate the first ever appearance of Prince Karim Aga Khan to Gojal and Hussainabad water Tunnel. During his visit to this project Prince Karim gave the name “Hussainabad” to this newly irrigated land.


On the occasion the youth of Sost organized a program to pay tubute to the 60 legendry founding members of Hussainabad water tunnel. Mementos were presented on behalf of Firdous Jamal (a social activist) to the founding members of this project and prayer was offered to the departed soul of those who are no more.

Yousuf Shah, chairman ITREB for Gojal Bala was chief guest of the event and the other guest were Hon Sec. GRSO, chairman Khunjerav Villager Organization.

Speaking on the occasions the chief guest Yousuf congratulate the 60 legendry member and their family for this exemplary project. He said “on that time this was not an easy task and few people dared to work on this project. Today we are enjoying the outcomes of our elders hardship and this worth as 8th wonder for us”: he added.

Songs, dramas and different cultureal items were presented to pay tibure to the founding member of the Hussainabad water tunnel project. Saifuddin, Ghulam Ali and Razzak Ali were among the notable artist there.

Hussainabad Water Tunnel project was started in 1982 with financial support of
Aga Khan Rural Support Program AKRSP and was completed in 1985. This project was inaugurated by an Army senior officer in 21 March 1985.

Photograph contributed by Ghulam Ali and Haider Ali

Majalis Aza held at Imamia Complex Sost

By: Ayub Waziri

November 15 Updated (Sost, Gojal): Majalis Aza held at Imamia Complex Sost  in the memory of the holy martyrdom of Hazrat Imam  Hussain (S.A) and his family in the burning sand of Karbala. The majalis continued for 10 days during the month of Muharam.  People from Sunni and Ismaili sect also attended the Majalis and distribute edibles among the mourners.

Moulana Sheikh Mushtaq Ansari addressed on the occasion and said “The month of Muharam gives the message of Harmony, dedication and commitment to faith. We should never forget the sacrifices of the holy family and follow them. He further added:

Moulana Sheikh emphasized on social harmony, peace and unity among all sects of Islam.

In the end Ansari thanked the Isimaili Regional Council, Hunza for moral and ethical cooperation to make this event successful.  He also expressed thanks to law and enforcement agencies for providing security on the eve.

Apology for late update due to unavailability of internet access here in Sost.

Opinion: Egoism prevailing in Gojal

By: Iqbal and Nadeem

In previous days when Gojal youth or young stars think, articulate and propagate about education, events and ceremony. But nowadays, seem to be a tag of war in social media.

Gojal was renowned for its educated, professionals and rest of the part managed by nature. Moreover, the articulation that one is more educated and more professional than other, or keeps it simple, egoism is prevailing in the area.

One may be on the next door of egoism. So, this does not reflect the juvenile attitude but highlighting the sense of ignorance, half-knowledge, unfamiliarity, and empty-headedness.

Quite a few years back, the black day, 4th January-handshakes and pen had frozen its ink, stopped the economic, social and ways and means of folks of Gojal. It was more than the parameter for economic disaster. But now we have reached to the level of psychological effect.

What it means? Indeed it is a fact. The member s is divided as per social stratification of norms, values and ethic. We are totally, out of order in those as projecting it into social media. What are we portraying to other society?

Take the case study; it was three years back a country donated some IFs and INs for the mass let do not the discussion of the order Whom, How much.  It was quite devastating that few people penetrated into the conflict of me, mine and my.

This was not the result of IDPs and Direct effects or in- direct effects but that ultimately put the scale of mental level. How the humanitarian ground, be put in the bag of hatter, division and threatening the people of other inter linked areas.

This is not that we are lacking the leaders, politicians, social activist to tackle  the matter. But, it is the proceeding of our long term growth that is at stack of risk. We are dividing our self into caves, tribes, families. Inversely, out of the order to sum up the hospitality, norms, cultural traits, religious ties and so on.

From first day of the disaster we have seem many dimension of the region, but also confusing. at the initial stage the whole Gojal was in a single  to share the sympathies of each other. the time click on, when adjoin group seems to be no where at place. How come so? Again, call for mind set or egoism. Indeed, it’s egoism.

In conclude, pen leaks ink, hurry to ask it, how can one ignore these factors associated with the society in context to Gojal?

Conflict rose on distribution of relief, the people of Gojal take Stay from Hunza Court

By: Farman Ali Tajik

1229942_569144853132170_801122786_nSost, Gojal (ST): Conflict rose among relief destitution committee and people of Gojal.  The conflict raised when NDMA and Administration of Hunza-Nagar introduced new formula for the distribution of the relief goods received from China for the affectees of Attaabad disaster.  According to the new formula the relief will be distributed to 457 households, who are directly affected by the disaster or who have lost their land. While the people of Gojal has rejected this formula and approached Hunza court for justice. They are demanding to restore the previous standard formula to be adopted for the distribution of the relief goods equally to the standard population of Gojal.

According to them the whole Tehsil of Gojal have been affected due the Attaabad Lake. All the people of Gojal deserve the relief and they are also agreeing to give preference to the direct affectees and IDPs. Hunza court has issued stay order till 3rd of this month, and ordered to stop the process of distribution of relief till the above mentioned date. The court has ordered the relief distribution committee, administration of Hunza Nagar and NDMA to review their decision.

Relief will be distribute in three different categories for the affectees of Attabad Disaster: officials

Sost, Gojal (ST correspondent): NDMA and Administration of Hunza Nagar have started the distribution of the relief items received from People Republic of China for the Affectees of Attaabad Disaster.

The officials said that 2650 Metric Tons of edible and non-edible has been received and a standard formula will be adopted to distribute the relief.

According to the formula the affectees has been divided into three categories; Direct affectees (IDPs), indirect affectees, Standard population and Misgar, Shimshal and Chipursan has declared as far long areas.

Relief items of one year will be disturbed to the direct affectees (IDPs) and eight months relief for the indirect affectees and the rest will be distribute for the standard population of Gojal.

Govt of Gilgit Baltistan will bear the cast of transportation, while the contract has given to a private transport company Hunza- xingjing Co. in an open biding.

Misgar Hydro Power Project Will Be Complete By The End Of 2015

Misgar HP 1

The construction of 2MW Misgar Hydro power project in progress.
Photo: Farhatullah Baig

By: Farhatullah Baig

Misgar, Gojal (ST):  The Government of Gilgit Baltistan has speed up the construction of 2 MW Hydro power project at Misgar. The project was started in 2009 at Misgar River, about 6 km north from Misgar village. But the project couldn’t accomplished in the affirmed period.

Speaking to Sost Today, the contractor of Misgar Hydro power project said. “The main reasons behind the delay were the blockage of Karakurm Highway due to artificial Lake at Attabad and the fund was not released in time”. Whereas the Government has already compensated the land owners. He further added.

The poles for the electric wire have been installed from the Misgar power house to Sost, where it will connect to the Khyber power station.

According to the contractor 20 % of the project has been completed and the project will complete by the end of 2015.

This  power plant will be capable to produce about 19.86 Gwh energy annually.

Misgar HP 2

(Image II)The construction of 2MW Misgar Hydro power project in progress.
Photo: Farhatullah Baig

Delay in Moorkhun Hydro Electric Project

By : Akberullah Baig

Hydroelectric-GeneratorMoorkhun, Gojal: Moorkhun Hydro electrical power house was initiated by the local community with the collaboration of Aga Khan Rural Support Program AKRSP in 1999. Which generates  2 KW electricity, this covers almost 100 household for lite use. In 2006 another project was started to increase the capacity up to 5 KW to provide electricity to the neighbor villages. Unfortunately the project could not complete and delayed by the contractor. 1n 2011 the flood in Afgrach river destroyed the power station. The turbine and other machines were brought to Gilgit for repair, which could not repair due to negligence of the contractor.

The local people blame that the power station is construed at infeasible location.  Due to rise in water level in Afgarch River in summer the power station remains under the risk of flood.

Importers and Exporters are on strike at Pak-China Sost Dry Port

By Farman Ali Tajik

Sost, Gojal: Gilgit Baltistan Chamber of commerce and industries, Importers and Exporters of GB and Clearing Agent of GB are on strike at Pak-China Sost Dry ports, Sost.

They demonstrated a protest and were are demanding for relaxation in  Custom duty, Income Tax and Sales Tax on Imported goods from China. And to give Security safety of loaded truck Goods from the way of Sost to Rawalpindi.

Formula finalized to distribute the relief to the affectees of Attabad

Sost, Gojal (ST Correspondent): Yesterday a meeting held among the local administration of Gojal and Gojal Desaster Management Committee regarding the distribution of relief goods sent from China for the affectees of Attabad Lake.

It was decided in the meeting that the relief will distributed equally to all villages affected by Attabad disaster.  The direct affectees of Attabad will get 20 % additional quota of the relief.   Remember last time the relief was distributed with the ratio of 70:30.